Increase Revenue by Helping Your Customers
Say YES to Their Auto Needs
Payment plans for your customers with good credit to no credit
1 in 3 drivers are unable to afford an
unexpected car repair bill.
Having a reliable & trustworthy credit
option that covers your customers from good credit to no credit is essential.
That's why UpdatePromise has partnered  with EasyPay Finance.

For the first time ever, your customers will  have the best credit option on the market to help them pay for their essential auto needs through UpdatePromise with EasyPay Finance.
90-day Interest Rebate 
If your customer pays off their balance in 90 days, they'll get a full interest rebate.*
*With up to a $40 processing fee
Up to $5,000
With $0 down.
Easy-to-Read Contracts
APR's appearing up to 3 times before the customer signs the agreement, helping ensure full customer transparency.

We Get Results


 of auto repair customers would choose to bring their car to a repair shop that offers payment options over one that does not* 
of consumers are more likely to approve recommended repairs with the availability of a payment option*
*2020 EasyPay Finance Consumer Survey

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