A valuable growth opportunity for ATI members on behalf of our partner, EasyPay Finance.
Did you know that 1 in 3 drivers with an unexpected car repair bill cannot afford to pay?

You have two options:

1. Lose the sale and leave your customers without a safe ride home.


2. Offer EasyPay to save the sale, increase your shop's profic, and get your customer driving home safely.
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Your Shop Benefits
  •  Don’t wait for your money: Funds are sent the same day*
  •  Cover big expenses: Financing up to $5,000 
  •  Make sales anywhere, anytime: Electronic signatures & mobile applications 
  •  Pre-qualify customers without banking information: Easy app saves significant time and effort** 
  •  3 step process: Customer application, send invoice, receive your money 
  •  Save more for later: Low 2.99% merchant fee – the same or less than your credit card processing
*If received by 4PM EST
**90% chance of customers will be approved after pre-qualification
***With a small $40 processing fee
Your Customer Benefits
  • Save money: 90-day interest rebate means if they pay off their balance in 90 days, they'll get a full interest rebate***
  •  Cover big expenses: Financing up to $5,000
  •  No money needed: $0 down required today 
  •  Sign anywhere & anytime: Electronic signatures & mobile applications 
  •  No surprises: Fully transparent contracts and fees 
  •  Own it all, today: Non-lease financing means any ratio of parts & labor can be covered 
  •  Enjoy rewards, not penalties: No penalty fees for paying off a contract early
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The Facts
46% of drivers can't afford an unexpected repair.*
EasyPay can approve up to 80% of these customers in need.
Resulting in up to $30,000 extra revenue per month when adding EasyPay.
* 2017 Federal Reserve Report
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