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The Customer Finance Portal is here!

Make sure you're ready to participate in Grease Monkey's all-in-one customer credit solution by enrolling today

The Customer Finance Portal is a TRUE credit waterfall that gives your customers the leading credit options up-front with only a SINGLE application. 
To begin using the Customer Finance Portal: 
1. Make sure you're already enrolled with Synchrony and are offering your customers the Synchrony Credit Card. If not, click below to enroll. Use code GM
2. Make sure you have an account with EasyPay Finance. If not click below:

Customer Finance Portal Waterfall Program

Once you are enrolled in both Synchrony and EasyPay Finance, fill out the contact form below to schedule a demo on the waterfall. 

If you cannot find your shop in the Waterfall Directory, please fill out the form.

How the Waterfall Works:

  • Deferred interest financing for 6 or 12 months (depends on the amount)
  • Lower APR rates and occasional rebate promotions for customers
  • Increase repeat business
  • ​Create loyal customers for life
  • 90-day interest rebate promotion means if your customer pays off their balance in 90 days, they'll get a full interest rebate*
  • Up to $5,000^ to customers with $0 down
  • EasyPay has easy-to-read contracts with the APR appearing 3 times before the customer signs the agreement, helping ensure full customer transparency
* With up to a $40 processing fee
^ Most applicants will not qualify for the maximum amount. Loan amounts are determined based on the applicant's credit, income, and other relevant factors.

The Facts




40% of Americans can't afford an unexpected $400 repair bill*
78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck**
The Customer Finance Portal can approve up to 90% of customers in need 
Questions? Call (833) 545-8221 
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